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Beyond Belief

Darkness on the horizon, on a moonless night, car trouble once again
I stay in my car, as the atmosphere outside, causes me chills up and down my spine
I may be acting like a child, but for some reason, these feelings, I must defend
So dark, so silent, a night indeed for fiends to dine.
I must do something, but I am frozen with fear, I just don't know what to do
I roll my window down, but there are no signs of life, as far as I can see
The only thing I see is blackness, as darkness only hampers my view
I try the car one more time, as my shaking ice cold hands turn the key.
But this does no good, the only thing the motor does is make a clicking sound
Then what little light I have from the car, just slowly fades away
Leaving me is a ocean of blackness, alone with the sound of my heart as it pounds
I must think of something, this I must do without delay.
I decide to get out from the protection of my car, hoping I am making the right decision
Standing outside, very strange, there is no sound, everything is as silent as a mime
I then remember, in my glove compartment, for protection, I carry a small gun
I get it, hoping and praying, if I use it, it won't be this time.
I am torn, I don't know what to do, should I leave the car or should I stay?
At this very moment, all I can do is stand here, I just can't get my legs to work
I am afraid, I don't know what lies within the darkness, is there something there with which I do not want to play?
I know I am being silly, but I don't know what lies in the darkness, what is in the darkness that lurks?
I can't express in words the intense feelings of fear, stirring within me
I see a light from behind my car, but I can't really make out what it is I see
Then within the darkness looking like a black frame around a illuminated human form, is this really what I see
Being terrified beyond belief, I fire the gun -------------------------------------

Forever in my Mind

The night air is very clear, cold, and brisk, enough to give one chills
The stars in the night sky look, a thousand twinkling diamonds sewn into the night sky
The ocean, I look upon, so calm, no movement, what so ever, so calm, so still
So beautiful, like a picture on a post card, but soon the angels, themselves would cry.
I am on the deck of the ship I and a lot others consider our escape
Our escape and transport, from a life of depravation and poverty
Going to a new place, where by starvation and poverty, we won't be raped
A safe way to leave that awful way of life behind, a totally safe way, for us to flee
We, all of us feel as if we have made the right decision, to leave that way of life behind
Going to a place, where most of us have only read about, or heard about
As with Moses from the Bible, the promised land, flowing, with milk and honey, a land, all of us look forward to find
In the hearts of many, there is no place left for any doubt
Me, a third class passenger, eating upon a table with linen on it, a warm bed, we are in high society now
But being in third class, soon that would mean only a sentence of death
Being on deck, in the cold, I a woman, I would be saved, while most of the third class would be thrown a foul
Most would be trapped in the very bottom, of this huge ship, most of them would end up taking their last breath.
When the ship hit the berg, a shudder went through the entire ship
At first, most just thought, a small collision, soon all this ruckus, everything would be alright
Then all of us realized, in her hull, the ice berg, there was a major rip
I was one of the lucky ones, but  fifteen hundred would die, right here, on this very night.
I realize if I hadn't been on deck, just like most in third class, never had a chance and would die
I am not proud, as I watch such an elegant lady and her passengers, slip beneath the icy cold sea
TITANIC, the ship of dreams, the ship of hope, on that night a thousand tears were cried
Those of us saved, like me, I would never forget the horrific scenes, burned forever in my mind, so from it, I can never flee.


Escape from Despair

I feel so lost, I need some one or something to help me walk the right path
I need help to climb out of this dark abyss of unending despair
I feel my God has abandoned me, as I suffer unending loneliness and it's horrific wraith
Then a friend, tells me of a special place and a special man, that will lead me to it's light, it's lair.
I go with my friend to this special place, it's leader has me mesmerized and totally in awe
I need to check out this place more, before I make the decision, to follow this man
I start attending this place on a regular basis, and I only see goodness and light, into the dark abyss, no one seems to fall
This place takes care of it's young, and it's elderly, in a way it seems no one else can.
It seems only light, radiates in this place, it seems they can do no wrong
I have started attending this place, several times a week
In this place of love and hope, I am starting to feel as if I really belong
This place seems to have everything, in which I seek
For the sake of discrimination, we were forced to seek another promised land
With our leader, no questions asked, we made it to San Francisco, hoping here everything will change
For awhile, things go fine, but soon we start to face the very same thing, so our leader starts looking for another land
Our leader finds us another place, our leader takes care of everything, all the plans he will arrange.
Going to this place, we hope to create a Utopia, a place based of peace, love, and hope
Here in this place a new Shan-gra-la, here this will be our main job, of what must be done
Soon in our remote world, things would change, some of us wouldn't be able to cope
A lot of us, were held against our will, soon unspeakable horrors, by our leader would be done.
A senator, from the States, from which we fled, came all the way here to investigate us
He got wind of those of us that wanted to leave, those of us held against our will
At first a good show was put on, a note passed to him, he changed his mind, then he really made quite the fuss
Our leader known, as Jim, ordered his execution, then we were forced to drink poison laced Kool-aid, no one left to welcome someone to Jones town, no one left to feel.


Victim of Secrets

In this place I awaken in, I don;t know my surroundings, I'm not even sure of me
It looks like what I think to be some sort of hospital, I think it is called this
I am afraid, I am all alone, I just don't know, who am I supposed to be
I see a nurse, she tells me how close with death, I almost shared a kiss.
Where am I? Who am I? How did I come to be in this place?
In my mind there are no answers, trying so hard to remember, but my mind remains a blank
I notice the nurse keeps staring at me! Why? Does she know my face?
Her stare make me uncomforted, I ask her if she knows me? She says, No!" I feel my heart as it sank.
She tells me the doctor will soon make his rounds, maybe he can help me with the questions I ask
Until then, I must lie here, my mind going in a thousand different directions
Finally, my hopeful savior arrives, I hope he can tell me why I am here, exactly what is my task?
When he arrived at my bed, he says I am so lucky, I escaped the gun
I am so inquisitive, I have to know exactly what he means
He tells me he knows my true identity, but that is something that must be kept a secret
He said in doing this, the way the country is, we have to do this, there are those that would kill me, of the revolution, those that are labled fiend
I was found by a farmer, collapsed by a river, on his land, so the farmer brought me here, he thought this coarse of action was fit.
The doctor tells me, I had been shot, but what had been in my clothes, had certainly saved me
Now I am lost, what on Earth had been in my clothes to save me?
The man tells me I wasn't yet meant to die, this wasn't how it was meant to be
He tells me how lucky I was from my attackers to be able to flee.
You see my child, sewn in your clothes, were jewels, royal jewels, the deflected the bullets, from whoever tried to kill you
Whily you were unconscious, I ran several tests on you, to make sure who you really were
You are a Grand Duchess, my child, you are one of the royals, that were killed in 1917, for you to survive, your choices were very few
A kindly soldier saw you were still alive, when they tried to bury you, he secretly released you in the woods, Anastasia, no one can ever know, this way from the killers, you can deter.


What One May Say


Our beautiful planet, a place we call home but for how much longer?
Wars and rumors of wars, mankind raping our home, of all natural resources
Tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, it seems from these things we can't deter
Seems too late now leaders want to find of action, another coarse.
Starvation, disease, plague, look around, don't you see it too?
We are at the place the polar ice caps, in a while, no longer will they be
I think people are too late in any coarse of action they would try and do
Oil, the essence of life for most, to expensive to buy, in the end will be out of our reach, it doesn't take a genius  for some one to see.
Earthquakes, wildfires, floods, are we really nearing what is called the end of days?
Are we the generation that has been chosen, to witness this horrific thing?
Our very future hangs in limbo, and it seems all world leaders just want to play
I can't help but wonder exactly what the future to us may bring,
Brother against brother, over religion, what's the big deal, aren't we all talking about the same God?
It just doesn't make sense, the same God, or higher power, doesn't that seal our fate as brothers?
The Earth our home, we have ravaged her to the place, we had a lesson to learn, so we had a free hand in using the natural resources, we turn away looking like some sort of fool under the watchful eye of God
God gives us the freedom of choice, looks like we have chose to destroy our home or each other.
Crime runs rampant, children abducted, raped, or killed, what happened to the obligation to our children?
Things are happening now, more so than they ever have before
Soon no one will be left, no one left for the Earth to defend
But we just sit back and wait, like we are just waiting on more.
The four horsemen of the apocalypse, I am convinced they have the been unleashed, and now they freely ride
We knew long ago the devastation of our actions, and what it might cause, but in our arrogance we just look away
Too little, too late, seems we will take devastation and destruction, as our bride
Too much time has passed, I think our time is short, regardless of what any one may say.

Ungodly Wraith

To be able, to live in California, has always been a dream of mine
Now I have the opportunity to live Nappa Valley
My house, sits on the side of a mountain, which is perfectly fine
Such a beautiful place, I know this was the place, I was meant to be.
I bought this place, using what someone would call my life savings
When I arise early enough, I see a sunrise, unlike any other on the entire planet
The people here are so friendly, to this wonderful place I always wish to cling
I know fate led me here, I know to this place,I was God sent.
Vine yards are right up the road from me
Going here, I can get some of the best wine, I have ever tasted
From here, I never want to flee, there is no reason that I see
In this place, my idea of beauty is always fed.
One night, as I was fixing dinner for my family and I
A knock comes at my front door, wonder who it is? I'm not expecting anyone
Opening the front door, there are two policemen standing there, I really have to wonder as to why
They tell me of a wildfire, headed this way, that has been burning since the setting of the sun.
I tell them I understand, then I go to find my husband, so to him, I can talk ad we can make plans
We decide to send our children to my mother, as we decide like in frontier days, our land we will defend
With the children safe, we start throwing water upon the top of our house, doing in and everything we can
We invested everything we had into this place, so we will fight the fire, that from hell, the devil sends.
This has to be a flash fire, because the fire itself, is already upon us, right in our back yard
We try so hard to fight this thing with water hoses, as it dances ad destroys everything in it's path
The orange and yellow flames, start to consume our dream home, helplessly watching this is so very hard
As we watch our dream go up in smoke, we realize the devastating caused by fire and it's ungodly wraith.


Under the Moonlight

In my line of work, especially at night, I see many unexplainable, unspeakable things
Nothing like on nights that the moon is full, at this time, people go crazy
Some of the awful things, I see as a detective, I do not wish to cling
A lot of times people the ones they love, they will totally betray.
Unusual, unexplainable things happen when the moon is full
Unlike the theory of the werewolf, when the moon is full, people do some quite extraordinary things
I sometimes wonder if people from other times, did the moon affect them to the place they would act like fools?
It makes me wonder exactly what full moons may bring.
We are told from childhood the full moon has the ability to affect the Earth's oceans, their tides
This is a known true fact, we also know a human's body consist mostly of water
So this leaves one to wonder, if the human body in the same way as the ocean's tides
The moon always connected to the werewolf, but can it cause other things from which one should deter?
Murders, assaults, rape, just to name a few
Look at the statistics, these occur more when the moon is full and bright
Does the moon cause us to go mad? To this question, I have no answers, only tidbits of clues
But it seems under the moonlight, a human is apt to do more than just fight.
In my line of work, there is no shortage of the hideous horrible things that I see
But under the moonlight, so many unspeakable things
I have seen so many things in the bright moonlight, so many under the moonlight, pay a tremendous fee
But no scientific evidence, is shown as to us what the full moon may bring.
So one a month, my nights are busier than most, as under the full moon, man has been known to do some very strange things
Things that other wise we would not see, but we see them under the moon's very bright  light
So are we affected in some way from the light of the moon, her sting?
All I know things intensify, bringing out all kinds of horrors under the full moon and her light.


The Key

Deep down inside, I know, who and what you are, and of you I am of you, I am not afraid or scared
I trust the feelings I have for you and only you, other men, well in them I have no interest
No other man, has me so spell bound, to you, my very soul is bared
You can read me like an open book, you know in my eyes you are the cream of the crop, of all men, in my eyes you are the best.
We have met each and every night, over the past few months, in the garde, adjacent to my house
Living with my parents, it hasn't been easy from them to always get away
A lot of the time, sneaking to the garden, I had to be as quiet as a mouse
But I always manage, to get to the garden, to meet you, without delay.
If people knew you like I did, they would see you are not a monster, just a very misunderstood being
The heart most say you do not have, to this I strongly disagree
I know what you must do to survive, but eyes of others are blinded by fear, if only you they would consider seeing
You have never hurt me and from you, I never wish to flee.
We have devised a way for you to survive, I am a mortician, so I supply the blood you need, to survive, for you to breathe
This way no one dies, to supply your needs, the blood you get from me, the people are already dead
No one gets hurt, by your actions, no one has to grieve
Your unquenchable thirst for the life force, this way it is safely fed.
You were willing to try this, doing it this way, you doing this especially for me
So see you are not the monster, that most people think you are
It hurts to know, what you must do, to keep your existence alive, knowing that blood is the key
But when I'm with you, all those thoughts fade away, as a lot of times from the garden we look up at the stars.
I have thought about you and us very very hard, I know what I must do, and this choice I freely make
So I will join you, forever and a day, being your bride, but the one problem, safely obtaining the key
But together we will figure it out, so on one has to die, we will do this for safety's sake
Hoping one day we find the key, that will set us free.

Lanaia's Blog

please visit  http://lanaialee.wordpress.com/2008/06/18/of-atlantis-has-arrived/


Time, past, present, and future, it is all the same
Time travel, something always presented as science fiction
I disagree, as I think astro physicists, with us are playing are playing a game
Time travel, totally possible, maybe scientists, think if they reveal the truth maybe it would cause some sort of friction.
To travel to a certain point in time, a place that is very special to us
Going back in time, all we could do is watch, we could not interfere, because of what is known, as the grand father paradox
Interfering could change history, maybe even, kill a very special person that would have a hand in creating us
If this were to occur, we would might ever exist, all we ca do is watch, being curious like a fox
If we were to change the past, could we live with the fact, that interfering, could cause someone we need, to not exist or die?
According to Einstein, we could actually bend time it self, making past, present, and future, all the same
In knowing this the temptation is there, to travel through time, no questions asked, no who, what, or why
We thinking maybe time itself we could tame.
The temptation, to travel back in time, to maybe save some one in the past, save them from death
But, if we did this, we would change our reality, we may not even recognize our present, which was changed by interfering in the past
Sadly, we might see someone from are past, again we could watch them as they take their last breath
Could you stand to watch some you love, die, over and over, not me, I would want to get away from that very fast.
Maybe it wasn't meant for us to explore the labyrinth of time, trying to play God, doing things, that just weren't meant to be
Do we have the right to become the right hand of God?
Seeing things, experiencing bad things in the past, and there is nothing you can do, because fate deemed it, this was the way it was meant to be.
Then actually stepping forth into the future, witnessing things that haven't happen yet, but is the future we see set in stone?
I would hope a diverse future, before it's too late, maybe we could do something, to change a future, one in which we could very well prevent
Then in the past, we could really mess up something, maybe making us reap the seeds we have sewn
By looping time, I believe truly to the future, to the past, a person now may be sent.