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The Amulet

This is a poem, from my 5 book fantasy series known as Of Atlantis, scheduled for release this fall

Lost so long ago, almost totally forgotten by mankind, almost lost to various chapters, of time, itself
The thought of something so magical, has no room in the rat race of man today
Through out all ancient societies, you will find reference to the amulet, and all it's magic and wealth
But something of this magnitude, has no place in the rushed life of mortal man today, as he works, as he plays.
From a race of super beings, from very long ago, almost being forgotten, over the infinite sands of time
Not born of this world, only mentioned in ruins of the ancients, only if you know where to look
Every civilization, makes reference to this magical pendant, each one guessing as to it's design
Even the ancients did not know, exactly from whence the amulet was taken, no reference in any ancient book.
This relic, made of substance, well it's power unless seen, the reality would be hard to believe
Harnessing something so powerful, it was stolen and brought here, amongst mankind, yes right here, right here being earth
It is said, the people that once held and possessed this thing of power, they were very nieve
Letting something so powerful, slip from there grasp, ending here on earth, mankind's very turf.
Lost for centuries, never being found, but all ancients knew at one time, this powerful device, well it's reputation was true
Why was it never found? Maybe it was so powerful, the ancients, themselves were afraid
To it's final resting place, well there existed only one clue
The Mayan, had the one clue, referring to Atlantis, but it is said, this wasn't the place of it's birth.
The Mayan, what records that were left, it is said this came from a super human race
A race of beings, more highly advanced, than the original ancients of this world
Said to house something of the Supreme Being, his self, something not of this time, not of this space
It is said mankind so feared this thing, all of it's secrets were never totally unfurled.
So the last reference was that made to it's existence in Atlantis, a place in it's own right mysterious and magical.
So, if we ever find Atlantis, we will find this thing the ancients, did not want to find because of fear.
A thing the ancients, thought it would be better if not found, because of the belief it was so magical
Now is the time to find the amulet, when found it's magic, it's purpose, I'm sure will be made very clear.



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