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lanaia74's Journal

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Lanaia Lee, despite all the tradegy, fate handed her, has risen above this to become a published poet and novalist. Suffering a stroke at thirty-five, she survived. She has a disease, mostly known as the silent killer, it is called erratic hypertension. Because of this, she never could have any children, she couldn't carry them to term. She lost six children, her mom died when she was eight, leaving Lanaia to be raised by her maternal grandmother, who was a self professed black witch. Quoting Lanaia," The things I have experienced and seen most people wouldn't believe, but I 'm here to tell you they are true.

With no children, Lanaia adopted a small Jack Russell terrier that is always by her side. He fills an immense whole in Lanaia's heart, he is her baby. Lania has been married three times, but the saying that three is a charm, holds true, because her marriage to her third husband, David, for thirteen years, she claims he is her third and last.

After her stroke Lanaia discovered she had literary talent, given by God. Lanaia never studied in school for the talent she discovered. It has to be devine intervention. One which she takes very seriously. Confined to a wheelchair from her stroke, she can stand and walk with the aid of a walker. By certain people, they have accused her of not being in a wheelchair

If one knows anything knows anything about Franklin Deleanor Roosevelt, he too was in a wheelchair, but most picture he took were without the chair, because certain people felt, this presented him as weak. Lanaia feels the same in way. She wants no pity, so a lot of pictures don't show her wheelchair. Her husband, also wheelchair bound, the two of them live totally independently and Lanaia still drives.

Lanaia has always tried to make the best of a bad situation. With all her losses and her faith in God, she has emerged a very strong women. Quoting Lanaia," The wheelchair just slows me down, just a thorn in my side, it makes me literally rock and roll. She doesn't think twice about her wheelchair now Through her determination and strength it is her wish to one day be a best selling author.

A lots of people need to learn from this lady, now fifty, she still has that strength to face anything head on and with the help of God, she is proud and always hold her head up.